Help Me Choose: Enterprise Support Service

Dell EMC support services offer remote and on-site technical support solutions for your data center and enterprise hardware and software.

•  For quick reference, scan the following scenarios to see which support service is most likely to address your support needs
•  If your enterprise-level organization has critical workloads and applications that require constant availability and the systems supporting them need proactive and preventative measures, ProSupport Plus may be the right support service for you
•  If your small- to medium-sized business requires robust support services — 24x7 tech support, accelerated response times, proactive support options and data and asset protection features — ProSupport may be the right support service for you
•  If you or your office needs only remote technical support during local business hours, Basic Service may be the right support service for you

Read the detailed description of each support service and view the feature comparison below for more information on the individual support services.••

ProSupport Plus for EnterpriseProSupport Plus for Enterprise

ProSupport Plus is our highest level of support, providing proactive and predictive support for your critical systems.

Services include:

  • A designated Technology Service Manager
  • Priority access to ProSupport engineers 24x7
  • Priority parts dispatch and collaborative 3rd party assistance
  • Personalized, preventive recommendations based on analysis of support trends and best practices from across the Dell EMC customer base
  • On-demand support and utilization reporting
  • Systems Maintenance guidance
  • Proactive and predictive remote monitoring and automated support through SupportAssist and Secure Remote Services
  • Hypervisor, Operating Environment Software and operating system support
  • Optional Next Business Day or Mission Critical 4-hour parts* and labor response
ProSupport for EnterpriseProSupport for Enterprise

Whether you have one office or hundreds globally, ProSupport addresses your support needs by offering a central point of accountability with access to highly trained experts — 24x7x365 days a year.

Services include:
  • 24x7x365 access to certified hardware and software experts
  • Collaborative support with 3rd party vendors
  • Proactive monitoring, issue detection, notification and automated case creation
  • Hypervisor, Operating Environment Software and OS support
  • Onsite parts and labor response options* including next business day or four-hour mission critical

Basic ServiceBasic Service

Basic Service is a value-priced support service that provides remote technical support during local business hours. The level of service varies by your location and contract.

Services include:
  • Remote technical support during local business hours
  • Options for parts and labor services, including parts-only support*
  • Next Business Day on-site service after remote diagnosis*