Help Me Choose: iDRAC Service Module

Optional iDRAC Service Module (iSM) setting

iDRAC Service Module is a lightweight service that supplements iDRAC monitoring and configuration with information available from the server’s operating system (OS). By having iSM pre-installed, you will be able to quickly access critical logs and support information should you need to contact Dell Support.

The iDRAC Service Module provides the following features:
  • View operating system (OS) information
  • Integration with Support Assist Collection
  • Perform automatic system recovery
  • Perform “full AC power cycle” via the OS – without having to physically visit the server
  • iDRAC access via Host OS IP
  • iDRAC remote hard reset

iSM is installed and enabled by default when a Windows OS factory installation is selected.
  • iSM – Enabled - Provides factory installation of iSM in the Windows OS.
  • iSM – Disabled - Customers who do not wish to have iSM installed in the Windows OS should select this option.