Help Me Choose: Bezel


There are three options:

  1. No Bezel
  2. Locking Bezel – An optional metal bezel that is designed to protect against unauthorized access to drives. Comes with lock and key (shared across all locking bezels).
  3. LCD Bezel – An optional, locking metal bezel with an integrated LCD screen. The screen can provide system and diagnostic information, and, with integrated selector buttons, can also be used to configure iDRAC IP address settings. A single LCD bezel can be used across multiple servers of the same model.

  • Locking Bezel not available for PowerEdge R940!
  • While 13th-generation PowerEdge servers offered a Quick Sync bezel option that allowed for wireless system management (in conjunction with the upgraded circuitry in the right rack ear), 14th-generation PowerEdge servers support a Quick Sync 2 option which does not require any bezel.