Help Me Choose: Quick Sync 2

Quick Sync 2: A new enhancement for 14th-generation PowerEdge servers, the optional Quick Sync 2 module provides wireless management of servers when used with the OpenManage Mobile (OMM) software and your compatible phone or tablet.
  • Choose this module for secure server configuration, monitoring and remediation using your mobile device.

To use Quick Sync 2
  • First download the OpenManage Mobile software (via Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and then install OMM (v2.0 or greater) on your Android or iOS mobile device. 
  • You can then utilize OMM to access the server via Quick Sync 2.
  • For first-time access to a 14th-generation PowerEdge server, simply scan the QR code on the pull-out Information Tag to automatically populate the factory-default iDRAC password.
  • Quick Sync 2 utilizes both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi. OMM primarily connects to Quick Sync 2 over an encrypted BLE connection.

Features that require higher bandwidth can utilize encrypted Wi-Fi. An iDRAC Administrator has the option to disable Wi-Fi or disable Quick Sync 2 completely. For more details and on how to manage servers from anywhere with an Android or iOS device, visit or

  • The original Quick Sync option for 13th-generation PowerEdge servers, used NFC (Near Field Communication) on mobile phones and tablets, and also required the Quick Sync Bezel. 14th-generation PowerEdge servers with Quick Sync 2 are independent of any bezel.
  • OMM v2.0 or greater is also compatible with the Quick Sync option for 13th-generation PowerEdge servers that use NFC communication.