Help Me Choose: Dell Data Security for Small and Medium Business

Advance Threat Prevention

Advanced malware threats are proliferating and affecting businesses daily. However, protecting your business against such sophisticated threats is possible. While the impetus is to prevent attacks on your system, in the event of an attack sneaking past your defenses, you still have your valuable data safe and easily restorable via cloud-based backup and recovery. While Threat Defense prevents 99% of executable malware, MozyPro® allows you to restore, recover, and be back in business quickly.



Threat Prevention Bundle


Threat Defense



Encryption Personal

Anti-virus/ Anti-malware
Designed to detect and destroy virus and malware on a system
Protects against ransomware attacks that encrypt data on endpoints and demand a ransom payment
Protects against sypware including adware, PUPs, Trojans, keyloggers, rootkits that attempt data theft and slow down system performance
Enables you to protect your data privacy and prevent unauthorized access through encryption software
External media encryption
Helps encrypt and protect external media devices such as USB devices, CD/DVDs and other removable media
Backup and Restore
Stores critical data in a secure backup location and helps restore when needed
Offline Protection
Protects the endpoint even when offline
Next-gen AV


Centralized management
Management of software using a centralized console
Server managementCloud-basedCloud-basedCloud-basedN/A


Licensing modelSubscriptionSubscriptionSubscriptionPerpetual
ProSupport for software

Platform/OS support

Platforms supportedWindows Clients (Windows 7, 8.X and 10) and Server (2008/ 2008R2 and 2012/ 2012R2), Windows Embedded Thin Clients (Threat Defense only), macOS (10.9+)Windows Clients (Windows 7, 8.X and 10) and Server (2008/ 2008R2 and 2012/ 2012R2), Windows Embedded Thin Clients, macOS (10.9+)Windows Clients (Windows 7, 8.X and 10) and Server, macOS, LinuxWindows Clients (Windows 7, 8.X and 10)

Dell Threat Defense

Threat Defense offers strong endpoint threat prevention for small and medium businesses. With a revolutionary artificial intelligence technology, it prevents malware including “zero-day” attacks from executing and prevents malicious active scripts from running. This also includes features such as safe-listing files at policy level or via a signed certificate. This solution offers an easy cloud based management for these businesses that do not have the time and often lack the IT expertise to manage security. Light weight and easy on system resources this solution offers a subscription based pricing model for protecting a wide variety of endpoint devices such as PCs, Mac’s, Windows servers to Windows embedded thin clients.

Use Dell Threat Defense

  • When you have 1-1000 endpoints and need a standalone advanced threat prevention solution
  • When you do not have an in-house IT security team to deal with malware threats
  • When you need a simple and cloud managed anti-malware solution that is easy to setup and simple to manage
  • When you need an annual subscription based pricing



MozyPro® is comprehensive endpoint cloud data protection offering military grade security and backed up by Dell EMC’s world class data centers. MozyPro® not only protects the data on devices inside and outside the corporate network, but also allows users to securely synchronize it across their computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Use MozyPro®

  • When you need a leading offsite backup and file sync solution as part of your data protection strategy
  • When you want enterprise-grade encryption during backup and storage protecting data from threats
  • When your users need web-based, anywhere file access with easy restore functionality
  • You want an easy to deploy solution for up to thousands of users
  • When you want a web based console to manage the solution