Help Me Choose: Memory Options for Wyse Thin Clients

Memory options for Wyse thin clients

Random Access Memory (RAM), also known as system memory, is the temporary storehouse for the data flowing to and from the processor. It requires continual power to maintain data. In general, a system with more memory can:

ο Deliver faster performance
ο Work with more applications simultaneously
ο Deliver enhanced multimedia content on multiple displays

Memory utilization is impacted by the operating system selected for your Wyse thin client. In general:

ο 32-bit operating systems may utilize up to 3.5GB of memory for both system performance and 0.5GB for various hardware components.
ο 64-bit operating systems may utilize more than 4GB of system memory.

Adding ample memory to the base configuration will help extend the usable lifespan of your Wyse thin client as your computing needs grow.

Compare each operating system at the same memory capacity level in the table below then choose additional optional memory, as available, based on your current and future estimated system memory needs. Please also take into consideration, processor speed, additional hardware component options and peripheral devices.

If you needChoose at least
Wyse ThinOS4GB RAM
PCoIP enabled Wyse ThinOS4GB RAM
Wyse ThinLinux4GB RAM
Windows 10 IoTE with cost-effective Celeron performance with support for up to 2 monitors at 2K@60Hz resolution (available with Intel Celeron CPU with 32GB eMMC only)4GB RAM
Windows 10 IoTE with increased system performance on Pentium with support for 4K resolution4GB RAM