Help Me Choose: Processors for Wyse Thin Clients

Processor options for Wyse thin clients

The processor or CPU (central processing unit) uses instructions to modify critical information to make applications work on your thin client. Thin clients have lower resource requirements than traditional desktops since data is streamed from the datacenter. The speed at which thin clients run and display multimedia content depends in part on the thin client processor as some of the graphic processing can be off-loaded to the thin client.

Because upgrading the processor after purchase is not possible, we recommend choosing a processor with enough performance to meet your needs well into the future.
Processor optionsWyse 5070
IntelĀ® Pentium processorIf you need to access multiple applications at the same time, play a 4K full-motion video and drive two additional displays running productivity apps at 4K resolution
Intel Celeron processorIf you want to save a little money and still accomplish everyday tasks like productivity applications, and attach up to 2 monitors at 4K resolution