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In this Dell Premier Help Center you will be able to find more information about your Premier page and how to navigate your site. Whether you need support for your Premier page or just want more information on the various features Premier has to offer, the Premier Help Center is here to assist you.

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Learn About Premier
Your unique Premier site offers a customized and dedicated interface tailored to your organization's specific technology needs and standards. Your personalized site puts thousands of products at your fingertips, all with Dell's e-commerce expertise to help maximize your efficiency.

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Click this tab below to find support for your Premier page. Support is available for technical assistance, order support, and page maintenance.

Premier Resources
The Premier Resource tab provides access to user guides, demo videos and detailed articles covering the various features offered in Premier as well as additional information on how to troubleshoot common errors a user may encounter.
Premier provides your organization with a customized, secure online toolset for purchasing, reporting and product support, all backed by a dedicated account team.

 Premier Explore  Explore Products
Obtain detailed information on products and solutions so you can
explore your options and decide what's best for your organization.
Premier Customize Customize Purchasing
Shop customizable site that enforces your organization's preferred
products and services while maintaining purchasing consistency. 
 Premier Streamline Streamline Ordering
Simplify the purchase process to reduce errors associated with 
manual orders while improving delivery time and controlling costs. 
 Premier Track Track and Manage
Manage users with ease, plus control and track orders, access 
invoices and download account history, all with robust reporting. 

Ready to get started? Contact your Dell sales account team to create your personalized Premier page today.
Premier Helpdesk / Support
Premier Support is the helpdesk for all technical queries relating to Premier, B2B/PremierConnect and Global Portal. Including issues with performance, stability, profile management, as well as working with the appropriate business partners to fix Premier page related issues.

To engage Premier Support click here.

Premier Account Managers

Premier Account Managers (PAM's) provide administrative and maintenance support for Premier pages. PAM's work closely with sales to ensure a Premier page is optimized and meets customers purchasing needs.

Please work with your Dell sales account team to engage with your Premier Account Manager.

Global Portal

Global Portal is a one-stop global procurement center with robust reporting capabilities, delivering a consistent purchasing experience for the creation and management of global orders through a single page. To learn more about Global Portal or to request a Global Portal page, please engage with your Dell sales account manager.

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Online Business Manager
Online Business Managers (OBM) drive key strategic online initiatives, including scoping customer online solutions, simplification programs, run the business and NPS (Net Promoter Score) improvement.

To engage the Online Business Manager team, please contact your Dell sales account team.

PremierConnect / B2B

PremierConnect is Dell's B2B ecommerce Solution:
-Integrates a customer's ERP system with Dell's Premier page or Global Portal.
-Allows customers to send orders electronically to Dell from their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

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Technical Support

Troubleshoot and fix hardware and operating system issues or ask questions about your warranty.

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Customer Support
Get help with recent purchases: inquire about order status, delivery, returns, invoices, or other order-related issues.

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Financial Services

Get answers to your financial questions from Dell Financial Support Experts. Request assistance with financing, make a payment, apply for financing or request a copy of your statement.

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Access the Premier Video Library to download instructional and demonstration videos. They cover topics from getting started on Premier to enabling some of the most used features within Premier.

The Premier Resource Library is a library of articles that provides you with detailed information on the various features offered in Premier. Customers can reach out to their account teams or Premier Help Desk to request articles and additional information.