Endpoint Threat Protection

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Dell Data Protection

Monitor endpoints and thwart attacks in real time

The increasing popularity of mobile devices in the work environment can lead to greater productivity — along with more opportunities for outside threats. Keep your data safe and your users productive with solutions and services that monitor endpoints 24x7, analyze data, detect threats and contain attacks without affecting workflow.

Dell SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection
Safeguard against potential attacks with an always-on managed security service that monitors endpoints for signs of advanced threat actor activity. Using proprietary advanced intelligence, information security analysts in our Security Operations Center scan for specific indicators of compromise and supply detailed endpoint forensics data. You receive alerts, specific recommendations, and real-time and historical visibility into your endpoints through a convenient client portal.

Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace
Protect your data and users without disrupting productivity. DDP | Protected Workspace software helps protect users against all untrusted content — even Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and zero-day exploits — by launching highly targeted applications in a contained virtual environment. When the behavior-based malware identification feature detects any malicious behavior, the software stops the malware, disposes of the tainted environment and restores a new, secure environment within 20 seconds.