Solid state drives (SSDs) offer exceptional performance; however, compared to hard disk drives (HDDs) they have much less capacity per drive and are much more expensive. Additionally, each enterprise application workload has different capacity and performance requirements. Consequently, the challenge before IT departments is to navigate the price, performance, and capacity trade-offs between SSDs and HDDs to determine the best, most cost effective drive type for each application workload type.

This technical report provides price vs. performance results from tests performed at Dell™ Labs for SSD and HDD drives under various simulated workloads. The objective is to provide customers with recommendations on drive types that are best suited for some common applications. The report also includes an overview of Dell storage arrays suited to both SSD and HDD drive types, as well as an overview of tiered SSD/HDD storage, which enables IT departments to cost effectively take advantage of the best properties of both drive types.