Many Dell PowerConnect switches include a stacking feature that allows multiple switches to operate as a single unit.

Starting with firmware 4.2, the latest PowerConnect 10 Gigabit switches can now be stacked. These stacks can include up to six 8024/8024F switches or up to six M8024-k switches. Appendix A at the end of this document shows the maximum scalability, stacking six 8024F switches using eight stack ports between each member.

new Master unit will also continue to use the original Master unit’s MAC addresses which helps to reduce disruptions to the network. When a failed Master rejoins the stack, it does so as a member (not a Master) unless a new Master has not had time to be elected.







The M8024-k can only be stacked with other M8024-k switches. However, the 8024 and 8024F can be mixed within a stack.







The M8024 (predecessor to the M8024-k) switch does not support stacking and is the only PowerConnect 10-Gigabit switch that will not stack.