Fair Market Value Lease

To keep your workforce productive and responsive to your market, you need equipment you can rely on. Rotating your equipment every three years promotes IT that performs up to your expectations. A technology rotation schedule also saves on maintenance, enhances security and supports overall operational efficiencies.
Reinforce equipment rotation and remove potential disposal risks and costs by selecting the Dell Financial Services lease. With our plans, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with Dell Financial Services, including professional account team management and end-of-term options.

What this service does

The Dell Financial Services Fair Market Value Lease offers a way to meet immediate technology needs while preserving cash flow:

  • Maximizes useful life of equipment
  • Helps reduce IT costs by ensuring regular equipment upgrades on a new lease
  • Provides potential tax and accounting advantages*

How it works

At the end of the lease term, one option is to purchase the equipment for its then current Fair Market Value.

Additionally, well-qualified customers may combine this with a deferred payment option to defer lease payments for 60, 90 or 120 days. Acquire needed technology today while delaying lease payments for a predetermined period.

Learn more about the benefits of leasing through Dell Financial Services

To learn more about leasing through Dell Financial Services, e-mail us at Dell_Financial_Services@dell.com.

* Consult with your tax or accounting advisor.


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