End-of-Lease Options

Your end-of-lease experience should be stress-free.

Dell™ Financial Services provides flexible options to suit your organization's technical needs, financial goals and operational capabilities of the assets. You can choose to:

  • Purchase the equipment for the fair market value  
  • Return the equipment, possibly starting a new lease of fresh equipment 
  • Renew the lease of your current equipment, on either a month-to-month or fixed-term basis 
Not ready to decide? You can continue leasing month-to-month, getting continued use of the equipment while maintaining the built-in disposal capability that leasing affords.

To support your decision, we provide timely and accurate renewal and/or buyout information, complete return shipping information and straightforward invoicing after reconciliation.  If you will return your equipment, we offer value-added services to simplify the process, including:    
To learn more about leasing through Dell Financial Services, email us at Dell_Financial_Services@dell.com
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