OpenManage Mobile

Maintain IT uptime with anytime anywhere access

Manage your data center from your smart phone or tablet. When your organization relies on the continuous availability of your IT infrastructure, you rely on rapid identification and resolution of events that could compromise it.

Dell OpenManage Mobile brings you software that makes rapid alert and response easier than ever. It connects you to Dell servers, storage, networking devices, and firewall appliances, as well as supported third-party enterprise-class hardware — and helps you maintain peak performance and availability, no matter where you are. With OpenManage Mobile you can securely perform a subset of data center monitoring and remediation tasks from a mobile device in a variety of ways:
  • Access Remotely: View important status reports on your mobile device for a one-to-many view of the health status of your data center hardware (with OpenManage Essentials); or connect to PowerEdge servers individually through the iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller interface for one-to-one management capabilities — no matter where you are.
  • Access Locally at the server by accessing the iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller; or through iDRAC Quick Sync with your smart device and a near-field communication (NFC)-enabled next-generation PowerEdge server bezel.

What can you do with OpenManage Mobile?

When connected through OpenManage Essentials, you can perform several basic management functions on PowerEdge servers:
  • Receive critical alert notifications on your mobile device as they arrive in your OpenManage Essentials management console.
  • Acknowledge, forward and delete alerts from your mobile device.
  • Browse platform details, firmware inventory and event logs of individual systems.
  • Perform server management functions such as Power On, Reboot or Shutdown from the mobile application.
When connecting to a next-generation PowerEdge server through iDRAC Quick Sync, you can: 
  • Instantly access and capture hardware logs, firmware details, health details and network details on your smart device.
  • Perform server network configuration changes, root credential changes, and boot order changes.
OpenManage Mobile provides all the information you need in a mobile-friendly interface that is comprehensive and easy to use. Have OpenManage Mobile notify you when your services are needed most at the data center: click on the alert, launch the application, diagnose the problem and then get on with your day.

For additional information on OpenManage Mobile, please visit Dell TechCenter or talk to a Dell expert to learn how you can bring the advantages of OpenManage systems management — and Dell platforms, software solutions and services — into your data center.