Save your organization time and money with PremierConnect
  • Make order processing more accurate and convenient
  • Get company-configured products and prices updated in real time with a PunchOut catalog solution
  • Use your own buyer-hosted catalog if necessary

With PremierConnect, time-consuming and error-prone double entry is virtually eliminated, saving your organization time and money. For convenience and ease, your business has access to its own unique catalog, offering only your organization’s agreed-upon products, prices and standard configurations. Choose an online PunchOut catalog hosted by Dell or a buyer-hosted catalog. Dell recommends a PunchOut catalog because it provides a more efficient and flexible shopping experience than does a buyer-hosted catalog.

Electronic purchase ordering is an integral part of the end-to-end electronic procurement process. This enables your organization to take full advantage of your ERP investment by ensuring that we receive and process your orders without manual intervention, increasing order accuracy. Additionally, if your organization uses electronic purchasing, you can further take advantage of an electronic invoicing solution.* Electronic payment completes the end-to-end process to provide a highly reliable and efficient payment method.

How it works

  1. You use your purchasing system to access your Dell catalog:
  2. Your purchasing system transmits the electronic purchase order to Dell.
  3. Dell sends an electronic invoice to your purchasing system.*
  4. Dell sends you electronic payment and remittance advice.*

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* Not available in all regions