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  1. Services for Wireless Networking

    Maximize the performance of your Wi-Fi network with Dell EMC Services

  2. Dell Networking PowerEdge VRTX Deployment Guide including Microsoft Lync _Final

    Dell Networking PowerEdge VRTX Deployment Guide including Microsoft Lync _Final

  3. Dell Networking W-Series Instant Access Point Wireless LAN Deployment Guide for Dell PowerEdge VRTX

    Remote Office Branch Office can now take advantage of quickly enabling enterprise grade and simple to deploy WiFi access. Dell Networking W-Series Instant Access Points enable a rich mobility experience for users of notebooks, tablets, phones and other mobile devices. Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a new shared infrastructure product, focused on remote, branch and small office needs. It combines Dell PowerEdge M520 and M620 server blades, shared storage, and I/O in the form of PCIe and one dedicated I/O Module slot. These elements are combined into a 5U rackable tower, providing a simpler model for Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) and small and medium Business (SMB) customers to deploy and manage.

  4. Changing the Economics of Flash Storage

    MoreFor most IT pros, the quest for flash storage ends with sticker shock. But, what if you could get flash performance at disk economics? Now you can. Ready to put all your hot data on flash? Within the tightest footprint? In a fully functioning array? Finally, flash is within reach. Take it.

  5. Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 Spec Sheet

    The PowerEdge R740 was designed to accelerate application performance leveraging accelerator cards and storage scalability. The 2-socket, 2U platform has the optimum balance of resources to power the most demanding environments.

  6. PowerEdge R740/740xd Technical Guide

    2-socket, 2U rack system for demanding environments, provides ideal balance between storage, I/O and application acceleration with superior configuration flexibility

  7. Dell Outperforms Cisco UCS in East-West Network Performance

    Data centers have traditionally been optimized for traffic between servers and clients, or “north-south” traffic. The rising popularity of virtualization and private clouds in data centers has led to an increased emphasis on traffic between servers, or “east-west” traffic

  8. Small-Business-Central-Cyberattack-Whitepaper

    21 Aug 2018

    Three simple steps to defend your business from cyberattacks

  9. Insights from Modernized IT: Modular Compute Can Have a Big Impact

    A Detailed Study and In-depth Analysis into the Impact of Modular Servers on an IT Transformation.