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  2. Easy Management Of Mission-Critical Workloads

    At the University of Pisa, a small team of IT professionals manages a vast IT infrastructure. That team, which is led by Maurizio Davini, CTO for the University of Pisa and its IT Center, provides services to all of the university’s departments.

    As a key part of its mission, the IT Center supports a wide range of research and development work, including both academic initiatives and industrial collaborations. The team provides guidance to IT users, tests new technologies, monitors production systems, and allocates
    resources for research projects.

  3. Building a Framework for Focus and Efficiency: Capitalizing on IT delivery alignment

    The efficiency of IT operations matters to small (1-99 employees) businesses. A LOT. Small businesses have great business ambitions and a wide range of technical priorities – but they have a number of challenges, many stemming from resource constraints that affect all aspects of small business operations.

  4. The Transition Game: Moving from Safe to Empowered

    Security matters to small (1-99 employees) businesses. A LOT. Technology is essential to productivity, to growth, to profitability – but it exposes SBs to potentially-devastating security breaches. A frequently-quoted statistic holds that “60 percent of small companies went out of business within six months of a breach.”

  5. Future Ready - Telehealth and Integrated Care Management

    Dell can help you with Real-time access to quality care, lower cost of providing care and better management of reimbursement risk.

  6. Small Business Central - Cyberattack Whitepaper

    Thumbnail imagery for the SB Cyberattack whitepaper - intended to use on Dell Small Business Central on Dell.com.

  7. Transforming Your Business with Tablets

    ...tablets are increasingly finding their way into the workplace as workers become accustomed to their portability and ease of use, and find no benefit in switching between work and home devices.

  8. Dell Mobility and Desktop Virtualization Alternate Devices White Paper

    The business world is getting more mobile every day, and the trend is not likely to change anytime soon, with the introduction and deployment of increasingly sophisticated wireless devices and the ever-increasing reach and availability of high speed networks, end users will have unprecedented access to information and mobile applications.

  9. Dell_Cloudera Solution Spec Sheet

    Dell Apache Hadoop Solutions Leverage enterprise-optimized hardware, software and services with the Dell Cloudera Solution

  10. DE Benchmark2 Faster Simulations