Workload Solutions

Enhance application delivery, streamline operations and focus on innovation

With the right infrastructure and environment for your applications, you can enhance application delivery, streamline operations and shift your focus to innovation. More than just an assembly of hardware and software, Dell workload solutions are designed to give you more of what today’s applications and environments need to work better for you: performance, flexibility, scalability and ease of management.

We work closely with industry-leading partners to optimize, certify and support cutting-edge solutions and operating environments that include:

Enterprise-class applications and workload solutions
  • Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C)
  • High performance computing
  • Data processing
  • Business intelligence
  • Big data technology
Virtualized and cloud environments
  • Data center virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Cloud computing
  • Hadoop®
Read on to learn more or Contact a Dell expert to discover how our workload solutions can help you improve your business outcomes.

Click here to get the latest news about our VMware partnership and offerings, which help you optimize and simplify productivity in virtualized environments. 
 Unified communications and collaborationUnified communications and collaboration
Keep your workforce connected and productive — in the office or remotely. Dell Solutions for Microsoft® Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) enable your employees to find each other instantly and effectively share information.
 High performance computingHigh performance computing
Tackle complex, data-intensive computation challenges with reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that boost performance and productivity.
 Data processing
Rapidly deploy and efficiently manage cutting-edge data management software platforms. We can help you modernize aging IT architectures and enable a data processing environment for Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and SAP® that evolves as your demands change.
 Business intelligence
Maximize the Oracle, SAP and Microsoft applications that help you gather insights and maintain a competitive advantage. Dell can help you quickly design and deploy a system that helps you manage and analyze vast quantities of growing data.
 Bifg data solutionsBig data solutions
Achieve the big data promises of innovation, competitiveness and improved productivity. Our platform- and data-agnostic solutions can help you harness and act on insights from the explosion of structured, unstructured and semistructured data.
 Data Center VirtualizationData center virtualization
Get the most out of your virtualized environment with a foundation that enhances the efficiency of hypervisors. Dell solutions and partnerships — with Microsoft®, VMware®, Red Hat® and SUSE® — can help you ease your journey to the cloud.
 Desktop VirtualizationDesktop virtualization
Centralize management for greater control of your virtualized desktops. We are an industry leader in open-standards-based data center hardware, and thin and zero footprint clients — and a one-stop shop for virtualization solutions.
 Cloud computing
Cloud computing is transforming the delivery of IT from infrastructure-centric to service-centric. We can help you leverage existing investments, apply cloud capabilities incrementally and simplify management to enable “Any Cloud” capability — or cloud on your terms.
Deploy, configure and maintain cost-efficient data management and analytics. The Dell | Cloudera® Hadoop Solution can help your organization optimize existing data warehouses and accommodate a wide range of analytics, query and transformation workloads.