Premier Global Portal

Global Portal is your own secure, personalized global purchasing and support site, which you can quickly and easily customize to suit your precise requirements, saving your organization time and money throughout all phases of IT product ownership.

Using Dell Global Portal, you can:
  • Access information on previously defined, standard configurations for your organization, making it far easier for you to specify and purchase additional systems anywhere you have an account set up.
  • Quickly identify solutions to meet new requirements, configure them to your exact requirements, and place your order for the necessary hardware, software and accessories.
  • Prepare and save machine configurations and orders for purchase at a later date.
  • Purchase peripheral items for your existing hardware.
  • Access the complete Dell catalogue of all Dell products available to you in your chosen country.
In fact you'll find your Dell Global Portal website makes the whole process of doing business with Dell easier and more cost-efficient.

Get a Global Portal Introduction or access the Dell Global Portal Video Library.

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Global Portal Benefits
  • Fast: Replaces regional and country pages with one fast, global portal for placing orders on a worldwide basis.
    • Enter your ship destination
    • Select your product
    • Add your local country options
    • Add your full ship address
    • Select your bill address
    • Verify and submit
  • Customized for You: Product options and quotes are specific to you and your selected ship-to country destination — provides for consistent pricing. Supports global order placement from a central, or from multiple locations.
  • What You Want, When You Want It: Select from a library of gadgets such as standard configurations, e-quotes, global order status and add to your personal workspace for a customized look and feel.
  • Customized to Maintain Your IT Standards: Different departments have different IT needs. Based on these needs your Portal site can be populated with Standard configurations for specific user groups. This customized view allows your organization to tailor solutions while maintaining uniform standards.
  • Account Customization and Control: Control what each user can see, including products, reporting and payment methods Control what users can do, including creating e-quotes, approving e-quotes, and managing access levels.
  • Localized: Localized currency and product options, along with global reporting and order status supports centralized order management.
  • Products:
    • Global Product Standards applied
    • Local Keyboards available
    • Local language operating systems
    • Local language applications
    • Regional Customized Factory Integration
  • Pricing:
    • Global pricing agreements applied
    • Local currency
    • Local shipping and handling

Documents and Guides

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    Dell Global Portal

    Worldwide procurement made easy.

Videos & Demos

  1. Dell Global Portal | Partner Overview

    Dell Global Portal | Partner Overview

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