Dell and Barco

Barco Easy integration of workstations into your infrastructure is critical to the success of your PACS implementation. And selecting the right medical grade display for specific clinical applications is necessary to ensure that physicians have the confidence to make accurate diagnoses of patient studies.
Together, Dell and Barco offer leading visualization solutions for the medical imaging applications, providing state-of-the-art image quality, asset management tools and rock-solid dependability. Diagnostic workstations from Dell and Barco offer healthcare providers with a proven solution for demanding healthcare environments.

“Image quality is critical in our business as radiologists need to accurately diagnose what they see,” said Lynda Domogalla, Vice President of Product Marketing at Barco Healthcare. “By certifying our high-end imaging products to work with Dell Precision workstations, we bring performance-optimized solutions to our healthcare customers. Together we are providing the best image quality that brings clinical advantages and enhanced productivity for radiologists.”

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