XFR and ATG Docking StationsXFR and ATG Docking Stations

The Latitude™ E6420 XFR and ATG notebooks are designed to dock quickly, easily and securely using in-vehicle docking stations that help maximize computing and communication while on the go or in remote locations. Working closely with our docking and mounting partners Havis and First Mobile Technologies, Dell systems allow customers to access up to three communication interfaces simultaneously: GPS, RF and Broadband.
All rugged docking stations offered by Dell enable users to charge their laptops, access external peripherals and secure the laptops against theft or damage. They are military-standards tested as well as crash tested to automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, and have been cycle tested beyond the expected use.

Configuration and Installation Services
Havis Inc., a trusted Dell partner, is the one-stop resource for rugged notebook docking solutions. They provide customized services for configuring and mounting Dell rugged solutions in all types of vehicles.

To start exploring which configurations are best for you, see: http://www.thedsconline.com/

This site walks you through the configuration and installation process, step-by-step. It also includes accessories to complement an in-vehicle rugged solution.