Instructional Technology

  1. C2G Integrated Classroom Solutions

    11 Sep 2012

    Learn about integrated classroom solutions from C2G that are designed to enhance your classroom audio/video (A/V) experience, while reducing installation costs and time.

  2. C2G Education Connectivity Diagrams

    12 Jul 2012

    Enhance your learning and collaborative environments with C2G education solutions — a portfolio of innovative, flexible and time-tested connectivity solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

  3. LifeSize Corporate Fact Sheet

    21 Feb 2012

    Learn about the various videoconferencing solutions from LifeSize, a pioneer in high-definition video collaboration. Become familiar with the capabilities of the Universal Video Collaboration (UVC) solution.

  4. Datamation and Dell Latitude ST Security

    27 Oct 2011

    Secure, transport, store and recharge your Dell Latitude ST tablets with the Managed Netbook Cart system from Datamation Systems, a Dell strategic partner.

  5. CablesToGo TruLink Room Controller Competitive Comparison

    01 Sep 2011

    Enable easy control of classroom or conference room audio/video (A/V) equipment with Cables To Go TruLink A/V Controller — a controller that is simpler to install, program and operate than other products in the market.

  6. LifeSize: K-12 Video Conferencing: Connecting Beyond the Classroom

    13 Apr 2011

    Learn how you can use videoconferencing tools in K-12 education to collaborate across distances, develop critical thinking, solve problems effectively and extend learning from classroom to home and other environments.

  7. Datamation Managed Carts and Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances

    09 Mar 2011

    Increase productivity, reduce installation time and costs, and protect, transport and recharge laptops easily by adopting Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances and Datamation Managed Notebook Carts.

  8. Networked SafeHarbor PC Security Carts

    21 Apr 2010

    Store, secure, transport and recharge your laptops using Networked SafeHarbor PC Security Carts — laptop carts with built-in Cisco multiport network switch — from Datamation Systems, a Dell strategic partner.

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