Next Generation Education

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Improving student outcomes through personalized learning

Personalized learning is achieved when teaching is tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of individual learners. Dell believes the right technology can help you reach this goal, as our educational technology solutions support K-12 learning in new and unprecedented ways. Dell’s Next Generation Learning is a blueprint to forge partnerships and foster collaboration, and answers the questions: how do we achieve personalized learning? What is differentiated instruction?

Differentiated instruction for different learning styles
Personalized or blended learning addresses the subjects a student learns, how he or she learns, and how that student is measured that knowledge. It’s a means to provide individual students with different avenues – within the same classroom – to acquire knowledge, think critically and understand ideas. It takes the right teacher, the right plan – and the right technology tools.

Next Generation Learning is accomplished in five steps:

  • Establish a vision for learning:We work with all stakeholders to define what your learning environment must accomplish.
  • Determine infrastructure: We help you assess IT infrastructure needs by identifying gaps, inefficiencies and opportunities.
  • Transition to personalized learning: We’ll help determine a digital content and curriculum strategy that meets your budget.
  • Ensure secure access: We develop a comprehensive connected security plan that covers electronic devices (including BYOD) and data.
  • Reinforce professional learning: Through training and development, we help educators teach effectively in a digitalized world.
A lesson plan for the future:
When learning is personalized, students and educators thrive in a truly collaborative classroom—and student outcomes improve. Dell helps you determine the IT infrastructure, software and services that support the next-generation classroom through actionable data, an integrated learning platform and IT efficiency. Together we can transform K-12 education for students of all abilities and talents. To learn more, Contact a Dell expert
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