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To help students excel in the information-driven future, teachers, administrators and IT leaders must work together to define a vision for Next Generation Learning. That vision must encompass blended online and offline learning, collaborative experiences, anytime, anywhere learning and actionable analytics.

From these efforts, a highly integrated educational landscape emerges, rooted in a unified learning platform with an interface tailored for user needs. Professional learning helps teachers integrate technology into this Next Generation Learning landscape. An efficient IT framework provides the foundation for success while addressing the "new normal" of reduced budgets and higher IT bandwidth demands.

Dell empowers institutions to embrace this vision with solutions targeting three principal areas:

  • Digital resources to inspire student success and academic excellence
    With Next Generation Learning platforms, school districts can integrate core applications, learning analytics, and digital resources to create personalized and blended learning environments. Instructional technologies provide access to these resources and teachers can improve their use of them through professional learning services.
  • Actionable data to help instructors address individual learning styles
    Educators transform high-quality data into actionable knowledge with education data management. They can then use this information to drive successful student outcomes through personalized learning, enhanced accountability and real-time learning analytics.
  • An efficient IT infrastructure to support Next Generation Learning
    A smoothly run IT infrastructure frees up much needed time and funds for your district’s teaching and learning initiatives. To make the most of your infrastructure, you must assess your current IT environment, create a plan to fill gaps, and implement and support that plan.

With solutions that address these key areas, Dell helps your institution deliver on its vision for Next Generation Learning. Contact a Dell sales representative today to find out more.

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