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Dell™ Assistive Technology Services (ATS) powered by EVAS

Dell has partnered with EVAS, an industry-leading provider of assistive technology, since 1979 to create computer-based solutions designed for students who are visually, physically, hearing or learning disabled. Now students with special needs can benefit from EVAS’ experience as a provider of accessible computers and the superior quality, support and service offered by Dell. Dell’s ATS Solutions run right out of the box, with application software, peripherals and assistive technology installed, configured and supported by EVAS. These solutions are tools that can be used to gain independence — an independence that can open the doors to further education or employment opportunities and a better quality of life.

EVAS integration and support services

The process begins when the educator selects an assistive technology solution using the web-based Dell AT Configuration Tool (ATCT). The ATCT provides the educator the ability to easily choose from a wide range of assistive technology and Dell systems, creating a complete single-source solution addressing each student’s individual needs. The configuration tool intelligently steps the educator through the selection process by major disability, product type, and down to the product level including product specifications and videos. At the end of the process, the ATCT displays an assistive technology configuration that can be printed or emailed.

EVAS installs, configures and tests all hardware, software and assistive technology, and ships a complete solution that is ready for the student to use, saving the school both time and money. All systems come with Dell’s three-year on-site warranty managed by EVAS. The systems also come with a suite of accessible utilities including remote support and system backup, and three years of toll-free support for system configuration provided by EVAS.