• Take control of your email retention and deletion policies with easy-to-implement email archiving services from Dell.
  • Improve compliance, storage management and search functionality.
Start protecting even the largest email system in as little as a day, with a fully scalable solution designed to ensure your organization always has access to email without downtime or data loss. The Dell™ EMS Email Archive is an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-enabled answer to the challenges posed by the flood of email your staff creates every day.

Deploy in as little as a day
Dell EMS Email Archive can be quickly installed for any number of users. As needs change, Dell EMS Email Archive expands to provide historical email for any time frame. Once installed, EMS synchronizes with the primary email system, populating users, distribution lists, calendars and other data.

Securely capture and retrieve data
When email is sent and received within the primary email system, a copy of each unique email is compressed and encrypted for transmission to the EMS data center. Email and attachments are deeply indexed for rapid search and retrieval, and are encrypted and stored at the data center using the EMS architecture.

Control retention and deletion policies and place flexible legal holds
Dell EMS Email Archive enables you to set retention policies and legal holds of any length, by user, group or server, with the flexibility to provide complete retention policy management.

Once these granular retention and deletion policies are set, Dell EMS Email Archive will make sure that messages are stored properly and deleted at the appropriate time.

Complete any search request globally; over millions of messages, in just seconds
EMS makes it easy for authorized users or legal counsel to search selected mailboxes or the entire environment using any search criteria. Perform searches across headers, body, subject, file names and over 400 attachment types in seconds.

Bounded search authority can be delegated to legal staff to eliminate costly delays that occur when counsel has to ask the IT staff to do the search. Dell EMS Email Archive integrates with Active Directory® to find all aliases and distribution lists for searches and legal holds.

Provide users with multiple mailboxes, yet reduce data stores by 80 percent
Attachments make up a high percentage of typical email stores. Replacing these attachments with a stub and storing a single instance of the attachment reduce email stores, sometimes by as much as 80 percent.

EMS integrates with Microsoft® Outlook® for attachment stubbing and direct archive searching. When attachments are stubbed, they are still accessible via the archive directly from the original message.

EMS also provides users with:
  • An almost unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Reduced backup times
  • Decreased email data storage costs
  • No need for local .pst files
Reduce the risk of data loss after an outage or data storage problem
Dell EMS Email Archive effectively eliminates the data loss windows associated with tape, replication, vaulting or log shipping systems. It:
  • Captures email at the perimeter
  • Securely archives email to Dell EMS disaster recovery data centers where it is maintained in an accurate and available state
  • Prevents data loss by retaining all forensic information of messages
  • Enables generation of a recovery archive based on server, storage group, user group, time frame or any other search criteria
  • Fully automates the process of migrating email and data back into your primary environment once it’s restored
Intelligently import messages stored in Microsoft® Exchange, local .pst Files and legacy archive solutions
Archives are only as useful as the messages they contain. To centralize search, discovery and retention management, EMS offers intelligent import capabilities to consolidate distributed email into a single archive.

Protect your data with multiple layers of security
EMS helps protect your data with many layers of security to satisfy the largest enterprises. Security precautions include:
  • Integration with Active Directory® authentication
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) treatment of messages
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for transport
  • Storage within top-tier disaster recovery data centers
All wireless traffic is 3DES (triple data encryption standard)-encrypted between BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES) software and BlackBerry devices via the Research in Motion® (RIM) protocol. Dell also employs a comprehensive security program that includes numerous safeguards depending on your needs.

Install a tamper-proof archive custodian
Dell EMS Email Archive acts as a tamper-proof, third-party custodian for email archives, providing a complete audit trail of all activities, including permission and policy changes.