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The truth about cloud services

Wherever you are in the cloud planning, adoption and management process, you can depend on Dell expertise to help you achieve your goals — without introducing new complexity or risk :
  • Create a strategy that targets your specific requirements with help from Dell consultants.
  • Get the support you need through every phase of the solution lifecycle — regardless of the cloud vendors you already use.
  • Explore the best approach to unifying and managing your entire cloud environment with hosted test environments.
  • Prepare your IT environment for cloud adoption by modernizing your applications.
  • Work with specialists to compare infrastructure services from a wide selection of leading cloud providers.
Contact a Dell representative to start planning your cloud environment.

Dell Cloud Consulting Services    Dell Cloud Application Development 
Dell Cloud Consulting Service      Dell Cloud Application Development and
Migration to the Cloud

Work with Dell experts to apply a
holistic cloud environment based
on your specific needs.

  Create applications for various cloud
platforms and migration your existing
applications to the cloud.
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