DVS Enterprise Integrated Solution Stack

Get the benefits of purpose-built, modular virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) architecture with Dell™ Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Enterprise Integrated Solution Stack (ISS).

You can start small and grow with highly scalable, pretested — yet customizable — DVS Enterprise ISS. Choose from Citrix® XenDesktop® desktop virtualization brokers for your Dell DVS Integrated Solution Stack (ISS) to:
  • Enhance user productivity through workforce flexibility.
  • Simplify virtual desktop management through centralized controls.
  • Scale your virtual desktop environment from 50 to several thousand seats.
  • Include consumer devices in your IT strategy.
  • Stretch your investments by including the existing IT in your VDI.
  • Support innovation through the inclusiveness of industry standards.
  • Make informed decisions using best practices and expert guidance.

Choose from secure, flexible VDI delivery models for faster time-to-value:

  • We deploy, you manage: Manage a standard DVS Enterprise ISS after we install and deploy it at your site.
  • We deploy, we manage: Let us deploy and manage your on-site DVS Enterprise ISS.
  • You devise a custom solution: Create a custom, on-site DVS Enterprise solution using Dell hardware, software and services.
Contact a Dell expert to choose the right solution for your environment.
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