Dell and Sony

Sony Dell and Sony offer a line of industry-leading solutions for digital video, music, DVD and audio production that have defined digital content creation for a generation of creative professionals.
By running Sony software on Dell Precision workstations, you get the power and accessibility to take media production to a new level of quality and workflow to a new level of speed. Select Dell Precision workstations are certified for the following Sony applications:
  • Vegas™ Pro 11, an efficient, intuitive and integrated audio/video content creation application with GPU-accelerated performance, innovative stereoscopic 3D tools, broad format support and unparalleled audio control. The flexible, customizable user interface, ease of operation and robust audio/video plug-in architecture make Vegas Pro the perfect choice for a wide range of creative projects
  • Sound Forge Pro 10, an all-in-one production suite for professional audio recording and mastering, sound design, audio restoration and CD creation. Acclaimed for its power, stability and exceptional workflow, Sound Forge Pro delivers pristine sound quality and amazing audio processing tools
  • SpectraLayers Pro, an extraordinary audio editing platform that features unprecedented sound shaping capabilities combined with a truly unique workflow. With it you can explore audio data on a multidimensional spectral display, unmix audio files into discrete component layers using a variety of smart editing tools and process extracted layers individually in an unlimited number of ways

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