Software & Hardware Virtualization Solutions

Maximize data center efficiency, flexibility and consistency with Dell’s end-to-end portfolio of servers, software, networking, management software and services. You can rely on Dell to support you throughout all the phases of the virtualization process, from planning and design through implementation and deployment.

Dell Blueprints for Virtualization — Customize your solution with Blueprints, fully integrated, end-to-end reference architectures and engineered solutions that combine hardware, software and services into easily deployable solutions. Based on common use cases, they are tested and validated to ensure fast, reliable and predictable deployment of critical workloads.

Servers — Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and raise performance, consolidation ratios and application availability by choosing the right hardware for server virtualization. Learn how to extend the flexibility and efficiency of your data center:  

Storage — Address today’s challenges, and lay the foundation for tomorrow’s opportunities by virtualizing your storage as well as your servers. Learn more about the impact of storage virtualization:
Networking —
 Break away from complicated, costly and resource-intensive proprietary networking hardware. You can overcome the constraints of physical networking with software defined networking (SDN). Dell offers a complete line of network virtualization products. 

Services — Drive down internal costs and get more mileage from your existing resources. Trust Dell to help you choose the perfect entry point to either begin or expand your virtual environment.

Identify the best applications for migration, access the technical skills you need to get key projects completed faster and avoid hidden consulting costs. You can depend on an experienced partner to get the guidance you need to virtualize your environment. Fast-track your virtualization rollout with Dell consulting services:

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Regardless of your company size, business demands or IT strategy, we can support you on your path to virtualization.