Workstation Products and Services

Choose from a wide selection of certified workstation solutions, which include simplified IT management capabilities and automated services that streamline every phase of the workstation lifecycle.

Dell Precision Tower Workstations
  • Power your most compute-intensive applications with highly scalable tower workstations that can help you:
  • Efficiently process massive data sets and edit 3D models
  • Monitor data in real time with up to eight monitors
  • Lower your cost of ownership with fully managed systems
  • Reduce support costs with long lifecycles
  • Choose a model that suits your budget
  • Run 2D/3D computer-aided design (CAD) software applications, digital content creation, scientific computing and complex multithreaded financial, engineering and video applications in space-constrained environments
Dell Precision Mobile Workstations
  • Get workstation performance from any location with mobile solutions that enable you to:
  • Standardize with powerful and scalable Intel®-based systems
  • Lower your cost of ownership with fully managed systems
  • Reduce support costs with long lifecycles
  • Simplify IT support with shared peripherals
  • Stretch your investment with compatible devices, adapters and docking connections
  • Move easily from mobile to desktop mode with hot docking
Dell Precision Rack Workstations

Bring high scalability and performance to challenging work environments with service-backed Dell Precision rack-mount systems that can:
  • Provide full workstation performance from a remote location
  • Standardize on powerful, scalable Intel®-based systems
  • Lower your cost of ownership with fully managed systems
  • Reduce support costs with long lifecycles
  • Standard, off-the-shelf graphics cards
The dedicated remote workstation solution enables a one-to-one connection between a local device and a Dell Precision rack workstation that resides in a data center. This means that a user working in a restricted environment can have access to workstation performance while the actual workstations, applications and data remain safe and secure in a remote data center. You can also configure the Dell Precision rack workstations in high-performance clusters, rendering farms and as high-performance alternatives to blade servers.

Optimize your workstation
You can customize your workstations and extend performance with a wide variety of advanced graphics accelerators. Choose from AMD FirePro™, NVIDIA® Tesla™ and NVIDIA Quadro® graphics cards for your tower, mobile and rack workstations.

Dell Precision tower, mobile and rack workstations are also equipped with OpenGL® and DirectX® technology that includes certified drivers with application-tuned extensions.

Dell Services
Drive IT efficiencies into every phase of your workstation lifecycle with the same services that support your laptop and desktop systems. Simplify planning, deployment and support with Dell services that help you:
  • Easily integrate our workstation solutions into your IT environment
  • Simplify the imaging process when you install your corporate image and applications in the factory
  • Reduce deployment time dramatically by applying a master image across all new platforms and user groups
  • Get fast, 24x7 access to workstation and application IT support
  • Avoid unauthorized access and theft, stay compliant and reduce your exposure to outside risks
  • Automate your migration processes with minimal disruption to workforce productivity
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