Introducing Dell Cinema

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Cinematic experience at your fingertips with incredible color, streaming, and sound. Watch video


Dell Color Profiles enhances display color, contrast and white point to deliver richer, more detailed color representation.

- Four user-selectable modes (Movie, Evening, Animations and Sports) dramatically improve the overall viewing experience on PC displays.
Adjust each mode to meet your own specific color preferences. With this new capability, you can increase or reduce color temperature, saturation or contrast level on specific modes.

Dolby Vision™ brings your entertainment to life through astonishing color, contrast and brightness. By combining two powerful capabilities, high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut, Dolby Vision™ produces a stunning picture you didn’t know was possible on a computer screen. Now, wherever you go, you see more of what the artist intends. Available on select XPS and Inspiron 7000 series products.

- The wide color gamut greatly expands the available color palette on your display adding a myriad of true, distinctive colors so that subtle or muted colors show realistically as bright, vibrant colors.

- Brighter highlights means images blaze brightly from the screen and highlights dazzle.

- True blacks combined with astonishing brightness bring you greater contrast and nuanced shadow details that add an amazingly lifelike sense of depth.

CinemaSound enhances your audio experience with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro software.

- Feel every note without distortion with clearer highs, up to 260% more perceived bass and up to 60% more volume.*

- Experience studio-quality sound as the creators intended it to be heard in the recording studio or on a big screen.

- Intelligent bass enhancement enriches low-end at any volume. Whether you’re listening to a subtle acoustic performance, the soundscapes of a movie, or the explosions of an action game, you will hear and feel the bass.
- Waves Nx brings 3D audio to your headphones, enveloping you in your movies, music and games (on select XPS and Inspirons).
*Based on Dell internal testing, Dec 2018. Total loudness and perceived bass were measured, on the XPS 13 while running WavesMaxx Audio 8.0 enabled vs. disabled, using Sound Check at 250Hz-16KHz frequency range (loudness) and 100Hz-250Hz frequency range (bass). Actual results will vary.

Killer™ Wireless on XPS and SmartByte on Inspiron puts your most important applications front and center.

- Videos have priority over other less urgent applications, like downloads and program updates. Killer and SmartByte channel maximum bandwidth to these applications for a seamless, stutter-free experience.

- Experience up to 10x less buffering across your favorite content.*

- Advanced Stream Detect™ with Killer Wireless automatically detects, classifies and prioritizes sensitive network traffic for online games, HD video and high-quality audio for better quality and fewer interruptions in your online experience.
*Testing performed September, 2018 by Rivet Networks using SmartByte version 2.0237 on a 15 Mbps network connection, when streaming adaptive YouTube videos at 1080p and downloading ten 294 MB Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack files in the background. CinemaStream
Now with Dell Cinema Guide

Discover a universe of movies and television shows right at your fingertips with the new Dell Cinema Guide; and enjoy it all with the amazing color, sound, and streaming of Dell Cinema. The Dell Cinema Guide allows you to quickly and easily find television shows and movies across 250+ streaming services with one simple, seamless content guide application.

- Search across a variety of services by title, cast, crew studio and other categories.

- Browse by genre, content type and more.

- Track new and watched episodes of your favorite shows.

- Review descriptions of movies or TV shows.

- Watch, rent or buy after easily finding content.