Terms and Conditions 

Dell Rewards Promotional Code


The Dell Rewards Loyalty Program is available to Dell Consumer
and Small Business customers. Not valid for resellers and/or online

Terms and Conditions for Dell Rewards Promotional Codes

The following terms and conditions (the "Agreement") apply to any Dell Rewards
Promotional Codes
that expire given by Dell or through its partners for free, including
"free with purchase" or otherwise (the "Promotional Code"). For terms applying to
non-expiring Dell gift cards please see the Purchased Gift Card terms and conditions
available here. These terms and conditions apply only to Dell Rewards Promotional
Codes and do not apply to Dell Promotional Gift Cards. Those terms and conditions
can be found  

Card Program Privileges

1.By accepting and retaining the Dell Rewards Promotional Code,you agree to
these terms and conditions, as well as future terms and conditions and
program/service changes. We reserve the right to change the format, elements,
and terms and conditions of the Promotional Code program at any time without notice.
The Promotional Code and associated offers are void where prohibited by law.
Dell Marketing USA LP, along with its subsidiaries and affiliates,
("Dell", "we", "our", or "us") is the issuer of, and provides the
funding for, the Promotional Code.

Use of the Promotional Code

2. The Promotional Code is not a credit card and cannot be used as one. Use of the
Promotional Code is limited to the amount of funds associated with the Promotional Code.
You cannot increase the funds on the Promotional Code. The Promotional Code may only be
used by customers in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia to make purchases
of merchandise and services directly from Dell. The Promotional Code is redeemable at
dell.com, or by calling 1-800-727-6000. In the event of technical difficulties at the
time of purchase using the Promotional Code, not all means of redeeming the Promotional
Code may be available and Dell will provide additional instructions on the method of
redemption. Except as set forth herein, you agree that you shall not use the Promotional
Code elsewhere. If you attempt to use the Promotional Code at a non-participating
establishment,your purchase will be declined. This Promotional Code is intended for use
as a gift to an individual. Resale of this Promotional Code or use for unauthorized advertising,
marketing,sweepstakes or other promotional purposes is strictly prohibited. Funds cannot
be used as a payment on a Dell Preferred Account, Dell Business Credit, Dell Account,
Dell Lease, to purchase other Dell gift cards, or to purchase non-Dell branded smartphones or
mobile accessories, which are sold through third party partners. Your right to use the funds
on the Promotional Code is a limited right, subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement
and applicable law. Dell is not responsible for pricing, typographical, or other errors, in any
offer by Dell and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors. The full
amount of each purchase, including taxes, will be deducted from the funds held on the Promotional
Code, up to the total funds available on the Promotional Code.

Additional Information on Promotional Code Usage

3. You may check the balance remaining on your Promotional Code by calling 1-800-242-5353.

Delivery and Restrictions

4. Promotional Codes ship separately from purchase and typically arrives in 10-20 days
from ship date via email and carry a 90 day expiration (except where prohibited
by law). Valid email address required for Dell Rewards Promotional Code delivery. Limit of
 5 Dell Promotional eGift Cards per order and per promotional offer for PC sales and limit of
10 Dell Promotional eGift Cards per order and per promotional offer for electronic & accessory
sales. Excludes Dell Rewards rewards which are issued per qualifying purchase without
limitation. Where Promotional Codes are offered with Dell Rewards registration, limit of 1
Promotional Code per customer. Not valid for resellers and/or online auctions. Large Enterprise,
Federal and Public orders are excluded from Promotional Code offers.

Governing Law

5. The laws of Texas govern the Promotional Code and the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Promotional Code Expiration

6. Please note that the Promotional Code has an expiry or "valid thru" date. Your Promotional Code's
expiry or valid thru date can be found in the email in which the Promotional Code was sent, or
by calling 1-800-242-5353. After that date, the funds will expire, and the Promotional Code will
not be accepted by Dell. After the expiry or valid thru date, please discard the Promotional
Code and/or dispose of it. Invalid Promotional Codes are not replaceable or returnable.


7. You agree to use the Promotional Code only for legitimate purchases of merchandise or services
through Dell and not for the purpose of obtaining cash from an establishment. You may not return
merchandise or cancel services obtained with the Promotional Code for a cash refund. Credits for
returns accepted by Dell will be allocated back to the Promotional Code (in the amount of the
portion of the purchase paid with your Promotional Code) as long as the Promotional Code has
not expired. If you receive a credit, the portion paid with your Promotional Code (excluding
shipping & handling) will be allocated back to the Promotional Code within 3 to 7 business days
after Dell receives and processes your returned merchandise. However, if the Promotional Code has
expired, no credit or cash refund will be issued and remaining funds on the Promotional Code
are forfeited. 

If you were provided a Promotional Code in connection with a special promotion that required
purchase of a qualifying product or service and you return the qualifying product or service,
the Promotional Code will no longer be valid. If the qualifying product or service is returned
for a refund after the Promotional Code has been redeemed, the value of the redeemed Promotional
Code will be deducted from any refund amount.

Supplemental Payment

8. It is your responsibility to know the amount of funds available on the Promotional Code at the
time of purchase. To obtain your fund availability, call 1-800-242-5353 or check online here .
If your desired purchase amount is greater than your available funds, supplemental payment may
be made using any credit card accepted by Dell. Except for the Dell Preferred Account and such
credit cards, Promotional Codes will not be accepted by Dell in combination with any other form
of payment including, without limitation, Dell Account or Dell Business Credit. Dell reserves
the right to solely determine which credit cards it shall accept. Such credit cards are subject
to change without notice.

Shortages/Negative Card Balance

9. If you attempt to use the Promotional Code for an amount greater than your available fund balance,
the transaction will prompt you to use an additional form of payment to cover the remaining balance.
To use supplemental payment (see Supplemental Payment above), you should instruct Dell to apply an
amount not to exceed the funds available on the Promotional Code, and inform Dell that you will pay
the balance with a credit card accepted by Dell. If, for any reason whatsoever, a transaction is
processed despite insufficient available funds on the Promotional Code (creating a "negative" amount,
referred to herein as a "Shortage"), you agree to reimburse us, upon request, for the amount of the
Shortage. In addition, we reserve the right to charge a Shortage fee of $25 per transaction every
time your use of the Promotional Code results in a Shortage, subject to applicable law.

Lost or Stolen Promotional Codes

10. You should safeguard the Promotional Code from unauthorized use. Except where required by
applicable law, Promotional Codes cannot be redeemed for cash or replaced if lost or stolen.

Using Multiple Codes

11. Dell will only accept a limited number of Promotional Codes per purchase. Funds from Promotional Codes
cannot be merged with funds from any other Promotional Codes or other Dell gift cards of any kind.

Misuse of the Code

12. If we suspect misuse of the Promotional Code, it may be suspended or terminated. We may cancel the
Promotional Code at any time, without notice. We may condition reimbursements upon return of the
Promotional Code. The Promotional Code is the property of Dell.

Notice of Data Protection and Privacy

13. As part of providing you with the Promotional Code or in servicing the Promotional Code, we may
obtain personal information about you in accordance with the privacy statement found at 
www.dell.com/privacy or available through Customer Service at 1-800-624-9897.


to this Agreement, its interpretation, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, the relationships
which result from this Agreement (including, to the full extent permitted by applicable law, relationships
with third parties who are not signatories to this Agreement), Dell's advertising, or any related purchase
THE NATIONAL ARBITRATION FORUM (NAF) under its Code of Procedure then in effect (available via
the Internet at http://www.arb-forum.com, or via telephone at 1-800-474-2371). In the event of any
inconsistency or conflict between NAF Code of Procedure and this Agreement, this Agreement shall control.
The arbitration will be limited solely to the dispute or controversy between you and Dell. NEITHER YOU NOR DELL
The individual (non-class) nature of this dispute provision goes to the essence of the parties' arbitration agreement,
and if found unenforceable, the entire arbitration provision shall not be enforced. This transaction involves interstate
commerce, and this provision shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act 9 U.S.C. sec. 1-16 (FAA). Any award
of the arbitrator(s) shall be final and binding on each of the parties, and may be entered as a judgment in any court of
competent jurisdiction. Dell will be responsible for paying any arbitration fees to the extent such fees exceed the
mount of the filing fee for initiating a claim in the small claims or similar court in the state in which you reside.
Each party shall pay for its own costs and attorneys' fees, if any. However, if you prevail on any claim
that affords the prevailing party attorneys' fees, or if there is a written agreement providing for fees,
the Arbitrator may award reasonable fees to the prevailing party, under the standards for fee shifting
provided by law. Information may be obtained and claims may be filed with the NAF at P.O. Box 50191,
Minneapolis, MN 55405.

^DELL PREFERRED ACCOUNT (DPA): Offered to U.S. residents by WebBank, who determines
qualifications for and terms of credit. Promotion eligibility varies and is determined by WebBank.
Taxes, shipping, and other charges are extra and vary.

*Rewards are issued to your online Dell Rewards Loyalty Rewards Account (available via your Dell.com My Account)
typically within 30 business days after your order’s ship date; Rewards expire in 90 days (except where prohibited by law).
“Current rewards balance” amount may not reflect the most recent transactions occurring within the past 30 business days.
Total rewards earned may not exceed $2,000 within a 3 month period. Outlet purchases do not qualify for rewards.
Expedited Delivery not available on certain TVs, monitors, batteries and adapters. Other exceptions apply.
Not valid for resellers and/or online auctions. See Dell.com/rewardsfaq.

*Expedited Delivery: Not available on televisions 40" or larger.