Selecting the right printer for you.
Print early; print late; print any time you want. A printer in the home is the perfect companion for your digital camera or PC. There are many printers that can print great quality photos and double as a copier, scanner and fax machine.


Life is an adventure and that adventure should be shared with others. Stories are great, but a story told through photos can be phenomenal. Whether you print directly from your PC or directly from your camera, we can help you make the right choice.


Bye-Bye, Darkroom!

Use the chart below to help make the right choice. We have organized printer options by usage so it will be easy for you to choose your printer.




Single Function Inkjet


All in One Inkjet






Is it right for me?


- Prints Documents and Photos


- 3 in 1 (Print Copy and Scan and Fax)


- 4 in 1 (Print Copy, Scan and Fax)


- Single Function or All in One


- High price tag


- Low cost of printouts



- Dedicated photo printers are portable and quick and print good quality, durable prints.


Top Features


- Displays

- Media Card Readers


- Small Footprints



- Displays

- Media Card Readers


- Copy Functions


- Scanning Functions


- Fax



- High quality text printout


- Low cost per page


- Portable

- Easy





- 6 Color


- 6 Color


- 4 Color


- 6 Color


Optional Features


- Proof Sheets


- Bluetooth


- WiFi



- Proof  Sheets

- Bluetooth


- WiFi


- Color


- Portability


- Display


- Camera Dock


Why Not?


- Limited functionality


- Large footprint


- Large Point & Shoot


- Larger Price Tag



- Load to carry

- Largest Price Tag