1. Premier Home Page

Once you’ve signed into Premier, you’ll land on the Premier home where you can manage all of your important tasks from a single location. This page offers an easy way to quickly navigate to the pages you’re looking for. Watch the Video

Premier home page overview

This modern landing page delivers intuitive access to frequently used information and has built-in intelligence that automatically adapts the layout in accordance with the settings of your page.

1- Quick access strip

This horizontal strip provides quick access to your most commonly used features. You can easily retrieve and manage your quotes, get access to your Standard Configurations (if any) and check the status of your open orders. The features available on this strip can be somewhat customized by your Premier Account Manager.

2- Shop Dell Products

The “Shop Dell Products” section allows you to explore the Systems catalog (if enabled) which displays the complete line of Dell branded systems. You can easily find Dell monitors, parts and upgrades and shop for items in the “Accessories & Monitors” catalog.

3- Dell Support

The convenient “Support” section helps you to check shipping and delivery status for your Dell products, find answers to common questions, identify your product to get the latest available updates, warranty status and coverage options.

4- In the Spotlight

View special offers, marketing highlights and Premier news to help you dive into new technologies and solutions.

5- Get Started Videos

Watch short and pragmatic videos about Premier solutions, new features, inspiring customer stories…to stay one move ahead.

6- Need Help?

The “Need Help?” section provides access to the Premier Help Center where you can find detailed explanations of most Premier features.

Premier home page overview

2. Premier Page Navigation

The navigation links located at the top of the Premier page show you how to connect to the most common areas of Premier. The three available categories available are Shop, Support, and Account. (May differ depending on page settings)
You can easily access the most common areas as well by using the different sections available on your Premier home page: Quick access strip, Shop Dell Products, Support, In the Spotlight, Get Started Videos & Help.

A. Shopping for Products
Shop” offers quick access to four shopping categories: Standard Configurations, Systems, Accessories & Peripherals and Software.

Shopping for Products

Begin by clicking on the “Shop” category at the top left of the page next to the Dell Technologies logo.
A drop-down menu with a line for each product category appears.

1. Standard Configurations

  • Standard Configurations allow you to view your organization's customized configurations as designated by you and your Dell Account Team. Once your representative has established your specific configurations on your Premier page, access standard configurations by clicking “Shop” in the top navigation menu and then select “Standard Configurations” in the secondary navigation.
  • For an even faster navigation, you can access Standard Configurations from the strip or from the “Shop Dell Products” sections available on your Premier home page.

Standard Configurations

2. Systems

By selecting “Systems”, you can browse all Dell products including Desktops and Workstations, Laptops & 2-in-1, Servers, Storage and Networking, Accessories & Peripherals and Software. The Systems catalog can also be customized to display only the products relevant to your organization (please engage with your Premier Account Manager for details). You may configure the available options for any product according to your needs.

To access your Systems Catalog, click on “Shop” in the top navigation menu and then any of the systems related categories in the secondary navigation. A third-level navigation bar will appear enabling you to select a sub-category.
For faster access, choose a category from the “Shop Dell Products” section available on your Premier home page.


3. Accessories and Peripherals

Select “Accessories & Peripherals” for an extensive selection of peripheral products from both Dell and other manufacturers which are available on your Premier Page.

To access your “Accessories & Peripherals” or “Software” catalog, click on “Shop” in the top navigation menu. If “Accessories & Peripherals” are selected in the secondary navigation, a third-level navigation bar allows you to narrow your selection.
For faster access, choose a category from the “Shop Dell Products” section available on your Premier home page.

Accessories and Peripherals

B. Support
Clicking the “Support” category changes the second-level navigation view to illustrate different areas of Dell’s award-winning Support site. Details are available pertaining to your systems purchased with additional help information such as warranty and on-going support.

For faster access, choose a category from the ‘Support’ section available on your Premier home page.

C. Account
The Account landing page provides you with simple access to main features like page settings, orders & invoices and personal information. If you have a Site Administrator user role, you will be able to manage the users of your Premier Page. The Overview section provides direct access to:

Dell Contacts: Easily view and contact your Dell Account team.

Manage Users: If you have a Site Administrator role, you have authority to add a new user, copy existing users, upload users, download your own user list and remove users.

Recent Online Orders: Access your recent online orders (placed online in the last 30 days) and add to Cart with a single click.

Reports: View a variety of options relating to current and past Dell purchases. Whether you place your order online or via your Dell Account team, a list of different reports is available to users with reporting access.

Account Settings: Edit your profile and manage your communication preferences.

Checkout Profiles: Quickly access previously saved checkout profiles.

Saved Cards: Add and manage your credit cards.

Shared Documents: View and retrieve documentation that has been posted by your Dell Account team.

Early Access Program: Subscribe to this exclusive program (available to Site Admin only) and be one of the first customers to use a selection of newly implemented Premier features.

Additional modules allow you to manage your addresses, get tracking information and review previous orders, purchase your eQuotes and Sales Quotes or manage your purchased software products via the Dell Digital Locker. Clicking on “Overview” on the left will bring you back to the Account landing page.


D. Top of Page Navigation

There are useful links located at the top right of your Premier Page: Contact, Cart, Page Name/Logout
  • Contact provides contact details for assistance, should you need help or have any questions
  • Cart displays items you have added to your Cart during your current Premier session.
  • Clicking the page name provides direct access to the Account page and order status. Logout signs the user out of their Premier session.

Top of Page Navigation