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Address complex business challenges with next-generation PowerEdge Servers

The rules have changed
Powerful trends in IT — like virtualization, cloud computing and mobile access — drive essential new technologies in Enterprise IT. Integrating them with your legacy capabilities can create a complex environment of systems, standards and patchwork resources for you to manage. Dell PowerEdge next-generation servers and shared infrastructure solutions help you achieve your IT imperatives with consistent architectures and the latest technologies. Our solutions help you:

Harness our innovations to accelerate your workloads
Next-generation PowerEdge servers deliver the state-of-the-art advancements that ensure your applications run faster and more efficiently than ever before. Among our groundbreaking technologies, you’ll find:
  • Ultrahigh-performance Express Flash drives and abundant flash-capable configurations screaming fast application performance
  • Greater throughput and capacity to optimize for Software-defined storage
  • Hybrid storage that supports internal data tiering for optimized disk utilization and application performance
  • Enhanced GPU and accelerator card support with the latest PCIe interconnect technology for high performance computing
Leverage innovative management to simplify and automate IT operations
Our customer inspired server designs give you a huge array of automation technologies like:
  • Advanced embedded management for significantly reduced maintenance windows, and staff time freed from repetitive tasks
  • The Agent-free OpenManage console, and connections to the third-party tools you may already use
  • Anytime, anywhere management through your smartphone
Address the widest range of applications with versatile platforms
PowerEdge servers support your infrastructure according to your organization’s needs; not just those of any data center. Our commitment to your flexibility shows in features like:
  • Grow-as-you-go modular architectures for incremental deployment without overprovisioning
  • Selectable server components for systems optimized to your specific workloads
  • Diverse and flexible management tools best suited for your environment
Want to learn more? Talk to a Dell expert to learn how our server innovations can help transform your data center.

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