Dell Virtual Reality

Intel Core Processors
Dive into mind-bending VR.
Power your entire VR experience.

Power your entire VR experience.

We don’t just build powerful machines, we demand immersive edge-of-your-seat experiences by packing our systems with leading graphics cards and
processors. Whether it’s creating a system that can handle 4K gaming, engineering a laptop that’s perfect for on-the-go LAN parties, or designing for
businesses that require stability and reliability beyond the norm, we design everything with purpose. When it comes to virtual reality, the headset is just
the beginning. VR requires an ecosystem built around the PC, including a headset (HMD), controllers, tracking/input devices and software. Dell machines
power every element to ensure fully immersive exploration with little to no discomfort.
Why Dell “Ready for VR” is the new standard.
To power your VR experience look for Dell PCs with the "Ready for VR" badge. These machines meet Dell's high-performance standards and ensure you get
the intensive graphics and processing power you need for optimal VR right out of the box. When it comes to hardware, our systems must at minimum have
the performance of :
  • CPU: i5-4590
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX970 or AMD R9 290
  • HDMI: 1.3
  • Ports: Oculus Rift Touch: 3 USB 3.0 + 1 USB 2.0 or HTC Vive: 1 USB 3.0
Ready For VR

In addition to our already stringent criteria, we adhere to key industry standards, including 3DMark11, VRMark Orange, and Vive/Oculus-specific measures
to provide highly immersive VR no matter which headset you use. These standards guarantee your journey stays seamless throughout high-intensity
gameplay and videos. To decrease chances of nausea and maintain 360 degrees of complete immersion, all our Ready for VR machines deliver
90 frames per second with a high refresh rate. So your display can render frames with higher speed and more accurate results. We also prioritize
latency to create a stronger connection between you and your display. With low latency, lag between your actions in real life- and the corresponding
actions on screen - are significantly reduced to help blur the lines between your world and the virtual one.
Professional Ready for VR solutions
Professional VR is used by businesses to keep pace with shorter development cycles and faster time to market. This is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s business environment. Dell Precision workstations are the perfect foundation for virtual reality (VR) content creation and advanced commercial visualization. They are optimized for VR workflows and 24/7 operation in a production setting, incorporating automatic system tuning and high-performance components; which are built for reliability, speed and manageability in a professional environment. Our expansive Ready for VR portfolio includes the world’s first VR-enabled mobile and All-in-One workstations; and our recently launched performance Towers and Rack include the latest Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family with up to 28 cores per processor and highest performing professional graphics to deliver performance for multi-threaded applications, ideal for professional modeling, analysis and calculations.
 Professional Ready for VR solutions

Our minimum system requirements for professional Ready for VR solutions include:

  • CPU: 1.6GHZ
  • Graphics: NVIDIA P4000 or AMD RX580
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 2256 GM SSD


More to VR than meets the eye
Workforce transformation 
Workforce transformation 
Dell prides itself on being a leader in innovative workforce transformations and builds tools
to enhance the way you work. With VR, you can elevate your perspective to bridge the
gap between creativity and productivity.
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Experiential exploration 
Experiential exploration 
With Dell, you can take VR to places you never thought possible. Create works of art, explore
the world and become a part of the action - all from the comfort of your couch.
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Gaming immersion 
Gaming immersion 
Dell brings a whole new dimension to gaming with reality bending VR. Lose yourself in the
game with a level of immersion that may be hard to escape.  
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 Technology Partner Program 
 Technology Partner Program 
 Dell does more than power virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. We link our partners with top-tier technology companies, development tools and
content creators across a multitude of industries through our new Technology Partner Program. As the world’s first original equipment manufacturer
(OEM) partner program for VR and AR, we strive to offer solutions every step of the way, taking the risk out of the process to ensure the best outcome.

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