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KimHow does Dell support veterans/you as a veteran?

Dell’s Employee Resource Group for veterans provides great opportunities to meet others across the company with similar backgrounds. More importantly, as a current member of the National Guard, Dell provides time for me to continue my service. The leaders I work with fully support my military commitments.

How has your past experience in the military enabled you to reach your career goals? What military skills do you use in your career at Dell?

My military experience prepared me to deal with ambiguity, to identify and solve problems, and to achieve objectives based a leader’s intent. On a daily basis, I apply my operations, planning and training skills. Dell has incredibly talented people who thrive on challenges, but who understand teamwork. The company invests in people by providing training for their roles, and provides other relevant resources and benefits. Another bonus: everyone at Dell will find time to meet face to face to answer questions or provide support.

I joined Dell in early 2013 to run the Engineering Academy for End User Computing (EUC), now part of Operations and Client Solutions. We provide courses to support individual development as well as to build business capabilities. I am impressed with the investment leaders make in their teams. But what really inspired me to join Dell is the company commitment to the community. Dell employees volunteer and engage in their hometowns, while Dell supports worthy causes around the world. I value that culture of making a difference.

How does Dell differentiate itself when it comes to being an employer of choice?

Opportunity. Dell’s size provides plenty of opportunity to make career changes or to build new skills. The global footprint provides an opportunity to work with a fantastic mix of people from all backgrounds. And on a daily basis, the systems provide the opportunity to work both in-person and remotely.

Describe your Dell experience using 5 words.

Dynamic, supportive, flexible, challenging, diverse.

How would you describe the Dell culture?

Both fast-paced and supportive. While the work is never slow, we can take on new projects, support causes, or otherwise pursue interests and challenges. And all Dell team members are available to provide feedback and support. I am amazed at how often people step in to help: they don’t wait for directives – they volunteer.

What do you think people interested in working here would need to know?

Plan to be challenged from the start. Also, set up time with people who can provide information and insights even if you don’t work with them directly. It can be as easy as sending a calendar invitation.

What keeps you here at Dell?

I enjoy the people and I have the freedom to solve challenges and implement new ideas.

Can you share a brief summary of your service in the military?

  • 1989 - 1995: Active duty in Germany and Ft. Lewis - 18 Engineer Brigade and 864th Engineer Battalion; deployed to Iraq; engineer missions SW border
  • 1995 - present: Texas Army National Guard Company, battalion, brigade commands, operations/planning, HR, other engineer roles; company, battalion and regiment commands. Included 49 Armor Division/36 Infantry Division, 176 Engineer Brigade, 136 Regiment Operations in support of hurricane, border effort; deployment to Afghanistan
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