Michael Dell, Global Advocate for Entrepreneurship

Michael Dell, Global Advocate for Entrepreneurs

Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell is the United Nation Foundation’s first Global Advocate for Entrepreneurship. In this role, he set the sustaining mission of the Global Advocate – to pave the way for the next billion jobs by advocating for the No. 1 creator of jobs: entrepreneurs.

At the Social Good Summit 2014, Michael unveiled his term agenda, which is to ensure job creation and entrepreneurs, also known as Goal 8, to make the final list of 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is important because the SDGs, which were voted on by the UN General Assembly in September 2015, are defining the top development priorities of the UN member nations through the year 2030. They effectively set international norms that impact policy decisions at the country level and drive trillions of dollars in domestic spending, private investment, and public and private procurement.

The overarching goal of the SDGs is to end absolute poverty by 2030. How is that possible without new and better jobs? And who is creating those jobs? Entrepreneurs. Startups and fast-growing, new businesses create 70 percent of the net new jobs in the world (up to 90 percent in some emerging economies).

Job creation and the entrepreneurs who drive it must be a global priority. This is why we started the #EntrepreneursUNite initiative and Michael Dell called up everyone to support:

Michael Dell

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