Renewable energy

Across our operations, we take a holistic approach to all aspects of energy management, demand and procurement. We are working to reduce our environmental footprint by combining energy conservation efforts with increasing amounts of renewables in our energy mix.

Electricity makes up the largest proportion of our facility energy use (most of the rest comes from fuel used in vehicles leased by Dell) and we remain committed to purchasing from renewable sources. We are regularly ranked as a Top 50 purchaser of renewable energy in the US EPA’s Green Power Partnership program and we have multiple facilities that generate a portion of their own electricity via on-site solar installations.

Globally, approximately one-quarter of our electricity needs are met by renewable-source electricity purchases or on-site generation. Our goal is to increase this to at least 50 percent by 2020.

To keep our electricity use in check, we constantly engage in energy efficiency improvements across our operations, like lighting retrofits, motor replacements and building control upgrades. When we build a new facility, we incorporate designs with more natural lighting, sun shading and improved equipment.

We are also identifying ways to improve the energy intensity and power use effectiveness of the data centers we manage while looking at innovations from the business – like fresh air cooling – to reduce our power needs.