Dell and SmartWay are improving shipping and helping the planet

When a package arrives at your door, you may not think about how it got there or where its trek began. To conduct business, Dell transports products to 180 countries at a rate of one system per second, and it is an important part of our strategy to offer sustainable delivery services. In order to reduce our net transportation emissions, the ability to measure our impact and progress according to trustworthy standards is crucial. Our work with SmartWay provides us access to thousands of product carriers throughout North America who collect and share data, all with the same goal of transporting goods efficiently and responsibly. All of Dell’s major product carriers are also partners of SmartWay.




Reduce our net emissions in
order to help minimize the
impact of shipping Dell
products. Access to partners
that share that same goal is
also a challenge.
Through our SmartWay
partnership, Dell can access
the emissions data of more
than 2,900 North American
product carriers to select the
most efficient and capable

Leveraging our SmartWay
partnerships, Dell can select
carriers who are committed to
tracking and reducing their
fuel consumption and carbon
footprint. Using these partners
enables Dell to optimize
overall logistics while reducing
environmental impact.

Dell’s involvement with SmartWay

Since its inception in 2004, Dell has been a certified partner of the SmartWay program, a voluntary initiative to increase the efficiency of freight transport and reduce the environmental footprint of goods delivered to your door within the U.S. The SmartWay program is a collaborative effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), freight shippers, carriers, logistics companies and other stakeholders dedicated to sharing best practices and achieving tangible results.

Dell is one of more than 2,900 partners in the SmartWay program, one of the EPA’s most widely available and successful programs. This extensive consortium provides Dell with numerous options for efficient and responsible transportation carriers throughout North America.

Minimizing our environmental impact

SmartWay’s emissions data provides greater insight into the best methods for reducing the environmental impact of shipping in and to the U.S. Global emissions are measured using standardized methods, ensuring goals and progress can be communicated and understood with ease. We can then reliably select product carriers who minimize the environmental impact of shipping goods and give customers confidence that their products are being shipped in an environmentally responsible manner.

Enhancing reliable transport

In addition to providing environmental benefits, the SmartWay program helps to streamline delivery processes without compromising safety, shipping time or cost. Using the most direct and efficient shipping companies reduces the number of transitions from our factories to your door, ensuring more reliable transport by driving out inefficiency and reducing opportunities for error.