U.S. Return Policy
Direct (applies only to purchases directly from Dell)

Dell values its relationship with you and offers you the option to return most products you purchase directly from Dell.  For all purchases not made directly from Dell, please check the return policy of the location from which you purchased your product. Note: If your purchase qualifies for a promotion offered by Dell that extends the return period for a specific product, the return rights and obligations included with the promotion will apply to your purchase. 

30-Day Return Period for Certain Products and Accessories: Unless you have a separate agreement with Dell, or except as provided below, all hardware, accessories, peripherals and parts may be returned if requested and approved by Dell within 30 calendar days from the date on the packing slip or invoice for a refund or credit of the purchase price paid. Note that your refund or credit may be reduced by the amount of shipping and handling fees and any applicable restocking fees (as further described below). Any product returned to Dell without prior authorization from Dell will be considered an unauthorized return, and you will not receive a refund or credit for the product and Dell will not ship the product back to you. For instructions about requesting a return, see “How to Return a Product” below. All approved returns must be received by Dell within 30 calendar days of the return approval date otherwise the amount of refund or credit may be reduced or eliminated if the product(s) are returned late.

Exceptions to Dell's 30-Day Return Period:

  • Software may not be returned at any time, unless the software being returned is:
1. Application software or operating systems installed by Dell on a returnable system which is being returned within the applicable return period; or
2. Media-based software that is unopened and still in its sealed package or, if delivered electronically, software that you have not accepted by clicking to agree to applicable terms. 
  • Additional products not eligible for return at any time:
1. Dell EMC-branded products
2. Dell Wyse™ and Wyse-branded products
3. Non-Dell-branded enterprise hardware and software products
4. Customized products
  • Unless you have specifically agreed otherwise in your written agreement with Dell, there is no right of return for software purchased under any type of volume license arrangement.
  • Dell reserves the right to deny any returns in circumstances involving repeated returns, violation of the Dell Terms of Sale or other impermissible activity.
Restocking Fees: Unless the product is defective or the return is a direct result of a Dell error, Dell may charge a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price paid less shipping and handling, plus any applicable sales tax, which would be applied through a total reduced refund or credit.
Promotional Items: If you return a purchased item that qualified you for a discount, promotional item or promotional card (for example, buy a service, get a computer half off; buy a computer, get a free printer; buy a TV, get a promotional gift card) and either (i) do not also return the discounted or promotional item or (ii) have already redeemed the promotional card, Dell may deduct the value of the discount, promotional item or redeemed card from any refund or credit you receive for the return of the purchased item. 

How to Return a Product: Before returning a product, you MUST first contact Dell customer service and obtain a Credit Return Authorization (CRA) number before the end of the applicable return period. Dell will not accept returns without a CRA number. To find the appropriate phone number or to send an email to customer service to request a CRA number, go to www.dell.com/contactus or see the “Contacting Dell” or "Getting Help" section of your customer documentation. To initiate a return online, please click here.

NOTE: You MUST follow these steps when returning a product:  
  • Ship the product to Dell. Please note that all approved returns must be received by Dell within 30 days of the date that Dell issues the return authorization and instructions.  
  • Ship back all products you are seeking to return to Dell and for which you received a CRA number. For partial returns, your refund or credit may be less than the invoice or individual component price due to bundled or promotional pricing or any unadvertised discounts or concessions.
  • Return the products in their original packaging, in as-new condition, along with any media, documentation and any other items that were included in your original shipment.
  • For customers returning a TV, the TV must be returned in the original packaging it was received in (including box and protective cushioning). If you do not have the original packaging, you must provide separate packaging.
  • For commercial customers, you must ship the products at your expense, and make sure the shipment is insured, or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment.

Upon receipt of your return, Dell will issue a credit or refund of the purchase price paid, which may be reduced by the amount of shipping and handling fees and any applicable restocking fees subject to this policy.

Note: Before you return the product to Dell, make sure to back up any data on the hard drive(s) and on any other storage device in the product. Remove all confidential, proprietary and personal information as well as removable media such as flash drives, CDs and PC Cards. Dell is not responsible for any confidential, proprietary or personal information; lost or corrupted data; or damaged or lost removable media that may be included with your return.

Systems configured with an Intel® 8th Gen or later CPU are designed to run optimally with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Removing the factory-installed operating system to run a non-Windows 10 operating system (such as Windows 7 or Windows 8) may make the product ineligible for return to Dell for a refund or cause system instability and performance issues that may not be covered by your warranty, support, or service agreements.

REV. 20SEPT2021