Creating a culture of sustainability

employee engagement Sustainability is not an end-point.

It’s not a collection of programs or products, either. In the 21st century, leading companies understand that innovative corporations have sustainability as part of their DNA. They think and act differently – taking a digital mindset and a systems view of their place in the world.

Sustainability is a part of Dell’s culture and we work together to drive positive change on campus and in our communities.  
It starts at the top… and the bottom

From our very first days, Dell has focused on being efficient – and that translates easily into a sustainability mindset. In addition to the customer and business benefits, our direct-to-consumer model and innovative supply chain strategies focused the company on reducing waste in all its forms. That mindset continues. But it’s more than just efficiency.

Our company purpose – to provide the technologies that drive human progress – fuels our passion for sustainability and informs all that we do.

Our executives are all involved in different areas of the Legacy of Good plan and help guide this focus, engaging regularly. Their commitment is shared throughout the company. The focus on entrepreneurship has spawned many of our most innovative changes at Dell. Rather than a mandate from above, it is support for taking a better business approach and encouraging creative problem-solving that has led to our waste-free packaging efforts, closed-loop plastics supply chain, use of ocean-bound plastics and much more.

Passion for the Planet

The growing interest in and importance of sustainability issues is evident in our Planet employee resource group. Dell employee resource groups connect team members with common interests, lifestyles, sexual orientation, nationality or other backgrounds. Planet is one of the largest employee resource groups, with more than 60 chapters and nearly 9,000 members globally.

Planet ERG gives Dell team members an opportunity to act on their sustainability interest. Groups regularly volunteer their time with community organizations that support clean-ups, beautification efforts, tree planting, recycling drives and more.

The chapters also focus on what they can do on campus. For example, our headquarters lie in the migration path of the monarch butterfly. The Central Texas Planet chapter has established the campus as a certified Monarch Waystation, planting large areas of native milkweeds as a food source to sustain the butterflies as they migrate to and from northern Mexico. Other campuses have workplace gardens, beehives, citizen-scientist initiatives and more. The chapters also work with facilities management to drive other sustainability efforts on campus.

Planet chapters are also very involved in helping drive participation community-wide activities. From organizing teams to participate in the annual Charles River Clean-Up or turning the lights out in support of Earth Hour to lunch-and-learns and movie screenings, the Planet chapters are passionate about making sustainability a part of our culture.