• Partnership integrates interactive visualization and dashboarding capabilities into Statistica advanced analytics platform
  • New cross-portfolio integrations with Toad and Boomi also deliver enhanced data connectivity to Statistica users
  • EMA report ranks Statistica as most-often used solution for cloud-based analytics projects
  • Dell migrates internal analytics efforts to Statistica platform

Dell Software today announced a new partnership with Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ: DWCH), continuing the growing momentum of its analytics business by integrating highly interactive visualization and dashboarding capabilities directly into its Statistica advanced analytics platform. Already known for its robust offering of more than 16,000 analytical options, Statistica now will empower line of business users to stream data into compelling and interactive visual representations to better facilitate the sharing of information and discovery of hidden patterns.

Statistica delivers a full range of advanced and predictive analytics tools that help organizations predict future trends to identify new customers and sales opportunities, forecast industry shifts, explore "what-if" scenarios, and reduce the occurrence of fraud and other business risks. Datawatch provides an ideal complement by enabling self-service data preparation from structured and multi-structured sources such as PDF and log files, as well as real-time streaming data, and delivering this into rich visualizations. As a result of the new partnership, Datawatch’s technology will serve as the permanent visualization engine for the Dell Statistica platform, with its visual discovery and dashboarding capabilities available natively to Statistica users, without the need for additional software licenses from Datawatch. The new Statistica visualization and dashboarding functionality is available to users in version 12.7, now generally available.

Dell Portfolio Integrations Extend Data Connectivity, Hadoop Support

In addition to the partnership with Datawatch, Dell Software also has enhanced Statistica through deeper development of the solution’s big data analytics module (formerly, Kitenga), as well as through integration with its Toad and Boomi product lines. These integrations give Statistica a comprehensive data connectivity layer that enables users to connect to more than 164 data sources – both on premises and in the cloud – from traditional systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, to modern data stores such as MongoDB and Hadoop, all without the need for constant IT support.

The development work also expands Statistica’s text mining capabilities with advanced natural language processing, entity extraction, and search capabilities, and allows organizations to deploy analytical models directly within Hadoop. Deploying models on full volume data direction within Hadoop eliminates the bottleneck of having to duplicate and move large volumes of data to a traditional analytics processing environment.

Dell Leads the Way in New Analyst Report on Cloud Analytics

Dell’s advanced analytics momentum was further validated when a recent report from the analyst research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) identified Statistica as the most popular analytics solution used in association with cloud-based analytics projects. According to the report, "Analytics and Business Intelligence in the Cloud," more than one-third (36.5 percent) of projects in which an advanced analytics platform was used to perform analytical workloads on cloud data included Dell Statistica, a higher percentage than any other solution. Given the distributed nature of data, with companies often generating as much data from cloud-based sources as they do from their own data centers, and given the potential OPEX and scalability benefits cloud delivers to analytic environments, cloud-aware analytics solutions are growing increasingly important.

Dell Migrates Internal Analytics Efforts to Statistica

Following the acquisition of advanced analytics software vendor StatSoft last year, Dell embarked on a full-scale, internal migration to move off its legacy analytics tooling and, instead, standardize on its newly acquired Statistica platform. The migration has reaped great benefit for the company, helping Dell save millions of dollars, while delivering improved ease of use, faster response times for predictive and prescriptive analytics, increased levels of automation with respect to sales reports and dashboards, and greater facilitation of self-service data access. With Statistica in place, Dell’s analytics teams have been empowered to achieve new levels of customer and business insight, enabling the company to tailor offerings, allocate support resources, and engage customers in a manner that best meets their expectations.


John K. Thompson, general manager, global advanced analytics, Dell Software

"Today more than ever, the ability of companies to compete hinges on using data to better understand the behavior of their customers, and, as such, advanced analytics capabilities have become a must have for any organization, including Dell. That’s why we prioritized making such capabilities available to our customers and our company with the acquisition of StatSoft, and, in the year since, we’ve continued pushing the envelope. Dell’s new partnership with Datawatch, in tandem with its aggressive cross-portfolio integration efforts, makes Statistica one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use advanced analytics platforms on the market today."

Michael Morrison, president and CEO, Datawatch

"Dell today leapfrogs their competition with a combined solution that brings their advanced analytics together with the self-service data preparation and visual data discovery that only Datawatch can deliver. This offering provides a tremendous value proposition in meeting current and emerging analytics requirements"

John Myers, managing research director, business intelligence, Enterprise Management Associates

"Respondents in our recent research report indicate that they are already actively engaged in cloud-based analytics projects. This level of investment shows cloud implementations play a critical and expanding role in the world of analytics and business intelligence. Going forward, companies looking to maximize their return on investment (ROI) on analytics and business intelligence expenditures need to make sure they are investing in cloud capable tools that can connect to disparate data sources and manage the complexity of a hybrid data environment."

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