ProSupport for Software

Save time – Expand your comprehensive, 24x7 support from hardware to your software stack

Navigating interlaced hardware and enterprise software issues is complex, time consuming and can be costly. If your organization is managing multiple contracts, trouble shooting with multiple vendors on multiple applications, you have likely experienced churn and inefficiencies. Dell EMC can streamline that process and ease that frustration. With ProSupport for Software, highly qualified, certified, experts serve as your single point of contact and provide 24x7 comprehensive software support.  
  • Leverage our 24x7 customer communication options (phone, web, chat, email) to engage in the way that’s right for you
  • Minimize disruptions by leveraging our certified engineers, whose deep knowledge and expertise can help identify and correct problems
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that our global team of expert resources are available when and where you need them

Availability varies. For more information, visit dell.com/servicedescriptions

ProSupport for Software
Prosupport for software When you choose ProSupport for Software, you’ll get:
  • Case management – save time with a single point of contact
  • Telephone support (24x7), email, chat (local business hours)
  • Online support forums (24x7)
  • Basic and advanced troubleshooting
  • Remote assistance with deployment patches
  • Reinstallation support – return product to original state
  • Collaborative Assistance with select 3rd party vendors
  • License key management