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DianaWhen did you join Dell and what roles have you held in your time here?

I joined Dell in September of 2004 as program manager for notebooks and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

What responsibilities are included in your current role?

I'm currently managing Dell's Taiwan server program management team as the director and also managing server product group quality team as the director.

How would you describe the Dell culture?

A few phrases come to mind including: direct, open, team work and alignment, flexible working hours, can-do attitude, thinking out of the box, taking smart risks, bring detailed, efficient and effective.

What do you think people interested in working here would need to know?

  • Dell encourages team work, so be prepared. You will see each function has equal rights to share their thoughts to help us to look at things broadly.
  • Dell encourages people to speak up with their thoughts and questions, so please, don’t be hesitant to share your thoughts or ask questions.
  • Dell is a global company, so you may need to have night calls with other regional teams, but the working hours are flexible, which gives you time to balance work and life.
  • Dell processes are well followed, so be sure you learn the processes, functional roles and responsibilities.

What keeps you here at Dell?

I like the Dell culture and also like the people here. There are lots of smart people in Dell. Also, the company gives us opportunities for internal career development opportunities that allow me to take on new challenges and get the chance to learn more.

What are some projects that you have recently been involved with and some of your career highlights at Dell?

  • I have worked for Dell for nine years and have been through PM, Procurement, Marketing, Engineering, and Quality teams. These experiences gave me opportunities to understand each functional team’s delivery and challenge. I do appreciate Dell giving me these chances to explore different functions within the company.
  • I am leading the Dell WISE (Women In Search of Excellence) Diversity group, which helps female employees to grow their careers and promote a better working environment in Dell.
  • I am leading a “Tell Dell” Actions initiative to develop an improvement plan based on Dell Taiwan Design Centre’s employee feedback about the site and management team. The goal is making Dell and even better place to work.

What have been the positive affects you have seen as a result of Dell’s strategy transition?

This is a great move and sure is good news to all Dell employees.

What role have you played in helping your customers grow and thrive?

Every role I have played has helped customers grow and thrive, because the company guidance is delivering products, services, and solutions that consistently meet customer expectations of quality and value. We are driving continual process, product and service improvements.

How does Dell differentiate itself when it comes to being an employer of choice?

The Dell culture is an open, direct, and flexible working environment and this is something we cannot get at competitors.

Describe your Dell experience using five words.

Fun, creative, efficient, flexible, quality.

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