Dell Active Fabric Controller 1.0


The cloud game-changer

Transform and modernize your IT operations with on-demand virtualized network services for OpenStack deployments

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dell active fabric controller 1.0

Built for the cloud

Active Fabric Controller (AFC) is a programmable software-defined network and application services platform that is purpose-built for cloud infrastructure. AFC liberates IT operations from the challenges of legacy network systems by delivering a single, integrated solution that transforms network operations.
  • Automated discovery and zero-touch provisioning of switches
  • Automated topology discovery and forwarding optimization with inherent multipathing
  • Network virtualization services for on-demand provisioning from OpenStack

Dynamic policy

Gain control over your network with customized, workload-aware policies for each application and a single representational state transfer (REST) interface for fabric-wide programmatic control.
  • Customized policy requirements for each workload
  • Fabric that dynamically adapts to starts, stops and modifications
  • Advanced software-defined networks (SDN) policy-enforcement tools (no need for node-by-node configurations)

Powerful and efficient

Improve network performance and efficiency so that your business can continue driving innovation. AFC is the next-generation of fabric efficiency with elastic, auto-adapting fabric services.

Dell Active Fabric Controller 1.0 - Efficient fabric design and provisioning

Efficient fabric design and provisioning

Gain greater efficiency with automatic topology discovery, forwarding optimization and dynamic provisioning of virtual fabrics and services for workloads.
Dell Active Fabric Controller 1.0 - Support scale-up and scale-down applications

Support scale-up and scale-down applications

Self-service provisioning and elastic fabric services support automated scale-up and scale-down of applications.
Dell Active Fabric Controller 1.0 - Fabric-wide visibility

Fabric-wide visibility

Centralized fabric-wide visibility gives powerful insight into your operations for greater security and more effective troubleshooting, and provides valuable intelligence and actionable events.
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