PowerEdge 4220 Rack Enclosure

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42U Enclosure for All Data Centers

Addressing critical power, cooling, and cabling issues for data centers of all sizes. Available in 3 form factors.

Dell PowerEdge 4220 Rack Enclosure



Exceedingly strong and secure

Exceedingly Strong and Secure

With a static load rating of 2,500 lbs and three sizes to choose from, the PowerEdge 4220 rack enclosure can provide the capacity you need to hold a full complement of data center equipment.

  • Standard (4220): 600mm wide x 1070mm deep
  • Wide (4220W): 750mm wide x 1070mm deep
  • Deep (4220D): 600mm wide x 1200mm deep

Stabilizer feet, included with the rack, attach to the front and sides of each 4220 rack enclosure for increased stability. Interconnect kits are available to link adjacent rack enclosures.

Lockable side panels and front and rear doors provide security for data centers, remote offices, wiring closets, factory floors and other server environments.
Important PDU mounting features

Important PDU Mounting Features

In addition to U-space PDU mounting, the PowerEdge 4220 rack enclosure has specially designed trays inside the rear doors to easily mount vertical PDUs, without using any tools, so they won't interfere with air circulation. The wide design of the 4220W moves the PDU trays even farther away from the rack’s frame, which reduces interference with installed equipment and cables.

Dell vertical-mount PDUs are available in a number of sizes and can be combined within a rack. The trays in the standard (4220) and wide (4220W) racks can hold up to four full-height or eight half-height units, while the deep (4220D) rack trays can accommodate twice as many.

A Bundle of Cable Management Options

Each of the three PowerEdge 4220 sizes accommodates servers with deep chassis dimensions while allowing space for cable management. The large open base and removable side panels offer more options for cable access.

Removable tail-bars
Removable "tail-bars" at the top and bottom of the back frame simplify power and cable routing. The bars can be reattached after the cables are in place
Wide racks
Wide racks (4220W) move the side panels and PDU trays farther away from the equipment installed in the rack, allowing more room for cables in the sides and back.
Deep racks
Deep racks (4220D) have expanded PDU trays in the back of the rack, which can be used for additional power management or for routing cables.
Made to stay cool

Made to Stay Cool

The PowerEdge 4220 rack is designed to facilitate better airflow. The front and rear doors are 80 percent perforated, and flexible air dams help keep hot air from moving from the back to the front, alleviating a problem common in many racks. Dell’s wide rack enclosure employs extended air dams across the front to help ensure proper airflow containment. Available blanking panels can further manage airflow for unused U-space in the rack.

For hot-aisle/cold-aisle thermally efficient data center topologies, the standard rack enclosure fits on two standard floor tiles, in a space two feet wide and four feet deep. The 4220W rack is slightly wider, and the 4220D rack is slightly deeper. Space planners can select the form factor that best meets data center needs.

Infrastructure for the Efficient Enterprise

For data center efficiency, Dell offers a range of accessories to help you further improve power management, enhance airflow and ease component mounting. Additional options include a rack fan, an equipment shelf and a 1U KMM (keyboard/monitor/mouse) console.

Power management
Power management: An extensive portfolio of Dell PDUs and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) can be mixed and matched to meet your exact requirements.

Blanking panels
Blanking panels: These panels can be used to help ensure proper airflow in the rack and enhance cooling efficiency. Plastic panels snap in place, while steel panels are attached with screws.
Toolless installation
Toolless installation: Servers and other components can be installed quickly and easily with the Dell ReadyRails™ mounting interface for sliding and static rail kits.