Powerful management tools
Focus more on growing your business or managing your organization and less on managing computing resources by using an array of blade management tools that help make your job easier. These tools include:

• Centralized management controllers that provide redundant and secure access paths for you to manage multiple enclosures and dozens of blades from a single console.

• Dynamic power management that enables you to set high and low power thresholds to help ensure that blades operate efficiently within your power envelope.

• Optional integrated keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switch that aids setup and deployment, ensures seamless integration into an existing KVM infrastructure and enables the two USB ports and one video port on the M1000e’s front control panel.

• Secure web (SSL) and Telnet/SSH (CLI) interfaces; support for multiple user roles and permissions, including integration into Microsoft® Active Directory Services.
PowerEdge M1000e - A new era for blade servers