Flexible remote management
Manage your blades individually or as groups, in single or multiple enclosures, and within a data center or in remote locations around the world with the Dell EMC Chassis Management Controller (CMC). It provides:

• A single secure interface for inventory and configuration, as well as monitoring and alerting, for the enclosure and all installed components.

• Multi-chassis management from a single, embedded, agentless interface spanning nine enclosures and up to 288 servers.

• Propagation of chassis configuration settings from the lead chassis to member chassis when they join the cluster.

• Automated, agent-free updates of blade server BIOS and firmware on one or all 32 servers in a chassis.

• A profile of captured BIOS settings that can be deployed to one or all 32 servers in a chassis.

• Real-time power and thermal monitoring and management, including AC power consumption with resettable peak and minimum values.

• System-level power limiting and slot-based power prioritization.
PowerEdge M1000e - A new era for blade servers